Chain mesh

A durable and economical security option for commercial or industrial properties. Chain mesh is used widely in, for example, schools, sporting clubs and industrial estates, where visibility is not obstructed. Add barbed wire as an added security to deter climbing.

Steel palisade

Ensure maximum protection from intruders with our steel palisade fencing. Both cost effective and versatile, this style ensures strength and durability and ultimate security.


Customised bollards are available in a range of colours, materials, styles and sizes to suit any requirements. Bollards offer safety and ram-raid protection for shop fronts, car parks, warehouses and footpaths


Create security enclosures for your business with custom built cages. Designed to suit your needs, a cage can act as a protective barrier to guard machinery, or to contain hazardous materials. Fully lockable cages are ideal to house tools and equipment, and also protect employees and workers from harm.